#17, 30 letter challenge

Someone from your childhood.

This letter is to the girl I was best friends with as a kid.  We were so close back then, so much alike.

It’s weird, how two people can be such close friends for years, and in the length of a summer break, can lose touch with one another entirely.

And yet, that’s what happened with you and me.  We became friends in first grade.  Do you remember how I had missed school because I was sick, and I tried to ask you about the assignments I’d missed and ended up getting in trouble instead?  Crazy as it sounds, that was the beginning of our friendship.

After that, we were inseparable.  At lunch, at recess, we were always together.  I even came out to watch you barrel race a few times at the rodeo on Friday and Saturday night.  For a horse crazy girl like me, to meet you, who actually had three horses at home, was like a dream come true.

We were best friends until fourth grade ended.  You were going to a public school in the fall, and I was staying at the small private school where we met.  I’m sure we visited a few times that summer, but by the time school started, we had lost touch.

After that, I started to change.  I joined the fifth grade girls’ basketball team and the fifth grade girls’ softball team.  I had to put myself out there, because for a shy girl like me, it was hard to make friends.  And since you were gone, I’d lost my best friend.  I did eventually make new friends, but I never was as comfortable with them as I was with you.

My mom used to run into your mom occasionally and she’d always relay news about you to me.  You got married not long after high school, and a few years later, you had kids.  I wonder sometimes how your life is, if there’s anything you wish you could do differently.  But I’ll never know, because I haven’t seen you since we were kids.  Mom hasn’t mentioned running into you or your mom in ages either.

I hope wherever you are, that you’re happy and that life is treating you well.

I miss you.