Getting it together

I haven’t been around here lately because we’re trying to move and find a house in our new town, so I’ve had my hands full.

We got our house under contract pretty quickly, and we’ve been looking for a home in the area we’re moving to, but we haven’t had much luck.  We’ve been looking for the combination of location, size, and renovated, which I’m now convinced is impossible to find in the area we’re moving to.  If we find a house in a good location with the size we want, it needs to be completely renovated.  Or if we find one that’s been renovated, the location isn’t great or it’s too small.

We’ve become very discouraged with the whole thing, so this week, we met with a builder.  There’s a lot available in the neighborhood where the first house we offered on is located, so we’re going to build.  We took him the plans to our current house, told him what we wanted to change, and he’s working up an estimate.

He asked me to send him some pictures of what our current kitchen looks like, since the plans weren’t as clear as they needed to be.  So I sent him a series of photos from different angles so he can see what we want.  I’m looking forward to building.  Most people talk about what a headache it is, but I’m excited about it.

Now, as long as the house we’ve rented doesn’t sell before we get ours built, we’re in good shape.