What the hell?

I’ve had a few ‘what the fuck’ moments since we moved into our rented house in our new town.

The first of these was on Monday.  I was sitting here, minding my own business, when I see movement near the front door.  (The front door is almost entirely glass, mostly frosted, but some clear.)  As I watch, this older woman peers through the front door, looking around.  Then she notices me sitting there and she takes off before I am able to get up and get to the door.  I couldn’t figure out why she was peering in my door like a burglar casing the joint.

Then yesterday, she came back.  And did the exact same thing!  This time, I got up and yanked the door open before she could run off and asked her, real sarcastic, “Can I help you?”  She tried to play it off like she hadn’t been caught snooping, saying she thought someone might be hurt or incapacitated or some such crap.  I just gave her my ‘I don’t believe this bullshit you’re trying to sell me’ look, so she finally says something about “Welcome to the neighborhood” and makes tracks.

Here’s the kicker: She lives on the corner across from us.  She had to have seen the moving truck delivering our stuff last week.  She had to have seen us coming and going.  She had to have seen me out walking my big ass dog.  So why try to pretend?  She was being nosy and she got busted.

Then this morning, I’m walking the dog up the street to the house when this exterminator screeches to a stop in the street, jumps out of his truck and starts hustling toward me to give me a business card.  I told him, “Don’t come any closer” and he kept fucking coming anyway!  Until I gestured at my dog and said, “He bites”, then the stupid fucker finally stopped.  Even then, he’s trying to give me his business card.  I ended up telling him, “I’m not a homeowner, I’m only renting”, which had him jumping back in his truck and tearing off in a snit.

What the hell is it with these people?