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Possible paint colors for porch ceilings (image by me)

You’re probably asking yourself, why blue for a porch ceiling?  Well, for me it’s about keeping the wasps and dirt dabbers from building nests on my porch.  For some reason, they won’t build on anything painted blue.  Spiders will build regardless of color, but it’s the wasps I want to keep off my porch – the husband is allergic to them.

There are all sorts of reasons why people paint their porch ceilings blue.  The Gullah people, who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia, believe that painting your window frames, doors and porch ceilings blue will keep h’aints (evil spirits) away from your house.

Some folks think that painting your porch ceiling blue is a way to extend the daylight hours a little longer by emulating the natural color of the sky.  The color was once quite popular during the Victorian era, with its emphasis on natural colors.  Blue on a porch ceiling reminded them of the sky, even on an overcast day.

Then there’s the people like me, who like the fact that blue seems to repel bugs.  The belief that insects are repelled by blue may have some basis in historical fact.  Way back when, milk paints were used to paint ceilings.  Those paints usually had a fair amount of lye in them, which repels bugs.  Since milk paint had a tendency to fade over time, every couple of years, people would repaint their ceilings, the side benefit being that it freshened the insect repelling lye as well.

Our last house was the first house I’ve ever had with blue porch ceilings.  We’re getting ready to build a house and I intend to have blue porch ceilings on this house as well.


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