The budget

We got the building estimate  from the builder today.

Depending on what type of insulation we choose, we’re looking at $314500 for the house with battle (roll) insulation with blown insulation in the attic, with two a/c units.  This is the  lowest priced option.  The mid range option comes in at $316800, for netted insulation in the walls, blown insulation in the attic, and two a/c units.  The final (and priciest) option will set us back $320900 for spray foam insulation in the walls and attic, with upgraded air returns and one a/c unit.

All in all, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.



4 thoughts on “The budget

    • Believe me, I know that buying “used” is generally better value for the money. I’ve bought and sold 4 houses in the last 10 years, and most of the time, buying a house that’s a few years old is a better value.

      Unfortunately, where we live now, this wisdom doesn’t apply. We had a purchase budget of up to $325000. I was looking at houses priced anywhere from $250000 up to our max. The problem I ran into was that in order to get a decently sized house (2500-2800 sq ft) with the number of bedrooms we wanted (4) in a good neighborhood, I was having to look at the top end of our price range. And all those houses needed another $20000 or more in updates (new countertops and cabinets, new flooring, new paint, new gutters, etc).

      I couldn’t see the point in spending that much money on a house and then having to put more money into it. It just didn’t make good financial sense, especially once we realized we could build exactly what we wanted for less than it would cost to buy and renovate one of the houses already listed for sale.

      Besides, what the hell would I do with a helicopter? A helicopter isn’t going to put a roof over my head.

      • Don’t underestimate the power of owning your own helicopter. You could make a lot of side money by taking kids to the prom or helping filmmakers get good B-roll footage, and the spiritual wealth you could accumulate just from being so close to heaven would be immeasurable!

        I definitely thing you’re making the right choice for housing. If you need four bedrooms and 2800 square feet, then you have to make sure you get it. However, maybe look into helicopters once you have some additional money. I know the AK1-3 is pretty affordable and easy to maintain. It’s also really quiet and good on fuel consumption. Honestly, if your work has a good sized parking lot without a lot of trees, you could even use it to commute.

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