Pit bulls in the media

Earlier, I was re-watching the summer finale of Suits and I caught a piece of dialogue that just flew all over me.  There’s a scene between Louis and Hardman after Harvey has told Hardman he’s gunning for him.  Hardman refers to Harvey as Jessica’s “pit bull” to Louis.  I saw red, because this sort of stereotyping of the breed is the reason the myths about pit bulls won’t die.

So I got on Twitter to find the account of the show’s creator.  I also found a co-producer’s and the episode writer’s accounts as well.  Then I got on Twitlonger and posted the following:

@EricaLipez @akorsh9 @GavinBarclay I am disgusted at your use of the term “pit bull” to describe Harvey’s actions in last night’s episode of #Suits.

This stereotyping of a dog breed is unacceptable and just feeds the myth that pit bulls are vicious, unstable dogs.

Nothing could be further from the truth. But it is the media’s fault that these myths refuse to die, and your use of the term highlights the media’s, and the general public’s, ignorance about these great dogs.

Please think next time before you use the term “pit bull” to convey a negative connotation. It’s unfair to the sweet, wonderful dogs who are being stereotyped.

I doubt I get any sort of response, but hopefully, they see it and think about how they phrase things in the future.