Who wants to have a hurricane party?

Growing up in north Louisiana, hurricanes are something you hear about every hurricane season, but not necessarily something you get to experience first hand.  I had no personal experience with hurricanes until last year.  We were living in North Carolina when Hurricane Irene made landfall not far from where we were living.

Now we’re dealing with Isaac.  We’re not in the direct path of the storm, but we are on the eastern side, which as anyone with hurricane experience knows, is the “bad side” of the storm system.  Isaac hasn’t made land yet, but the rain has already started at my house (just over 100 miles from New Orleans).  We haven’t had any high winds yet, so I’m hoping that all we get is a bunch of rain.  Rain I can deal with.  Rain doesn’t cause the power to go out.

Isaac is currently just off the Louisiana coast now.  Its current path will take it past New Orleans and through Baton Rouge before it begins to turn north.  I’m hoping that we miss the worst of it.