Am I the only one?

I hate walking my dog.

Chaos, the pain in the ass Akita (image by me)

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my dog.  I will do whatever is necessary for his well-being.  I just hate walking him, mainly because he’s such a pain in the ass.

I didn’t always feel this way about walking Chaos.  When we first got him, we lived on a dead end road a little way out of town.  There weren’t many dogs in our neighborhood, and the ones that did live nearby were kept fenced in so they weren’t running loose all the time.  We could walk unmolested, take our time, and enjoy ourselves.  The only time I disliked having to walk him was when the weather was nasty out.  Have you ever tried to convince a dog to use the bathroom when it’s pouring down rain?  Trust me, it isn’t fun.

I don’t remember when I realized that other dogs were going to be a problem.  I just know that I started noticing that if we were walking past a fenced dog and that dog started going ballistic, Chaos would stop and start concentrating hard on sniffing a spot on the ground.  Then he would pee and look at the other dog, almost as if he were taunting them.  A barking dog was guaranteed to make Chaos slow his pace to that of a snail, almost as if he enjoyed seeing those other dogs completely lose their shit.

More than once I’ve been forced to drag him off because he just wouldn’t move on.

As he’s gotten older, Chaos has developed other quirks.  One of these quirks is stopping to sniff something and if I take even one step past him, Chaos tries to dodge behind me and go to the other side of the street.  Several times he’s nearly walked in front of a car.  It drives me crazy, because I have visions of him getting hit as a result of this foolishness.

In the past year, Chaos developed arthritis in his back legs, and it’s like he’s on a mission to get himself into places where he can’t easily climb out.  Deep drainage ditches are my newest nemesis.  If I don’t pay close attention to where he’s walking, Chaos will beeline into the nearest ditch.  Then when he tries to exit the ditch, his back legs give out and he just sits down.  Sometimes I’m able to climb down into the ditch with him and push him out from behind.  But more often than not, Chaos chooses a ditch that I can’t get myself in and out of without help.  Then I end up having to drag him out, which isn’t fun for either of us.

These behaviors (and others) make it really difficult for me to enjoy the walk, let alone my dog’s company.  Does anyone else have a dog that they love, but absolutely hate having to walk?


2 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. I adopted my dog when she was 3 years. She’s a boxer, so she’s all muscle. It was so hard to walk her because she was never socialized. Every dog she saw scared her. It could be a teeny tiny little thing and her hair would stand up and I could feel the anxiety coming. The only problem is, now, she is old. She’s a lot easier to walk because she doesn’t need to go very far. I do however, miss the days she had her energy, and almost wish I didn’t look forward to the walks we have now. But, as is life.

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