You’re not a good neighbor, State Farm.

I’m not real happy with State Farm right now.  Their underwriting division is trying to cancel our renters’ policy after a premature policy review as a result of an incident in April involving our dog and our (now former) neighbor.  (We moved to a different town for my husband’s job a few months after the incident took place.)

Last week, I got a call from one of the ladies in my agent’s office.    Without preamble, she tells me that the underwriters are cancelling our renters’ policy because of the liability issue with our dog.  I was shocked.  We haven’t received any notification regarding our policy being cancelled (and still haven’t, two weeks later).

I called my husband and told him what was going on.  So he called our agent and proceeded to tell him in no uncertain terms that if our renters’ policy was cancelled, we would pull both auto policies, the renters’ policy (which we will replace with a homeowners’ policy once our house is finished), and a personal articles policy and take our business elsewhere.

This is a big deal because I’ve had an auto policy with State Farm for over 20 years, a personal articles policy for over 15 years, and homeowners’ or renters’ policies for over 8 years.  So for them to refuse to consider that history before they decided to punish us because we refuse to part with our elderly dog is just pathetic.  What they fail to understand is that people our age and younger don’t have company/brand loyalty the way our parents do.  I will take my business elsewhere if they go through with cancelling the policy.  Our agent is trying his best to get them to consider alternatives (like excluding our dog from the liability coverage on our policy), but I’m pretty sure they’re going to cancel it anyway.

Their most recent move has been to take away our multi-line discount, causing our auto insurance to go up, even though we have more than one policy with them.  I called my agent to find out why the multi-line was dropped and he filled me in on what’s going on with the underwriters, hence this post.

What really pisses me off about the whole thing is that there still hasn’t been a settlement and they’re trying to cancel our policy, even though they have no idea how much the settlement is going to be.  (Our neighbor’s insurance has been been very slow about getting copies of his medical expenses relating to the incident to State Farm so they can figure out a settlement amount.)  So cancelling our policy is premature at best.  I understand that they’re concerned about continuing liability, since we still have our dog (and we’re not getting rid of him), but trying to cancel our policy as a preemptive strike is out of line.  Especially since their policy is to allow one “free” bite without cancelling the dog owner’s policy.

Needless to say, I’m beyond aggravated about this.  It’s not like I own a trained attack dog or something.  He doesn’t have a history of biting or aggression.  So for them to react in this fashion is ridiculous and it’s going to cost them my business.


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