I hate this house.

Last night, we signed the contract to build our house.  Construction is scheduled to begin sometime before the end of the month.  I’m glad, because the sooner the we get out of this rental, the better.

The house we’re currently renting is one that our Realtor has listed for sale.  The sellers were no longer living in it, so she was able to convince them to let us rent it while our house is being built.  While I’m glad we have a roof over our heads, I really hate this house.  Let me explain why.

1.  Poor finishing.  The door trim is cut too short/at weird angles, there are tiles that are not spaced out properly, and silicone was used to fill in holes/gaps and then painted over.  Don’t believe me?  I have pictures!

          Is this not the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?  Who does this?  It boggles my mind that the builder didn’t notice this, or if he did, why he ignored it.  What boggles my mind even more is that the homeowners didn’t make the builder redo all this stuff.

2.  Mechanical systems that are not properly installed.  A few days after Irene blew through, I noticed a discolored place on the ceiling.  I made a mental note to call the Realtor so she could let the homeowners know to have the roof checked and went on about my business.  A little later, I heard a noise that sounded like water hitting the tile floor.  I got up to look and lo and behold, water was pouring from the ceiling!  So I call it in and the owners get someone to come out and check the a/c unit in the attic.  Turns out, the entire mess could have been avoided if the technician who installed the a/c had installed it properly!

  According to the technician who came out, the line connected to the overflow pan under the unit was not connected to the drip line that drains outside the house.  Instead, the condensation from the unit was emptying directly into the overflow pan and had been since the house was built, apparently.  This had caused the overflow pan (which is not meant to hold water continuously) to rust out.  The water saturation had reached the point where the Sheetrock was so wet, it couldn’t hold anymore.  This is what you see in the above picture.  I had to put a trashcan on top of the refrigerator to catch the dripping water.

Another example?  There’s no hot water at the washing machine.  The hot and cold line hook-ups are there, but the only one that supplies water to the washer is the cold line.  If I put the washing machine on Hot Wash/Cold Rinse, it won’t fill up.  What kind of moron did the plumbing on this house?

3.  Wasted space and very little usable storage.  This house is almost 2600 square feet, which puts it almost 100 square feet larger than our previous home.  But because of the way this house is laid out, there’s a lot of wasted space in the living areas.  The three bedrooms are a decent size, but awkwardly shaped.  The closets in all three bedrooms are an okay size, but because of the way the shelving and hanging rods are installed, they don’t hold much.  We left so much of our stuff in boxes because there simply wasn’t anywhere to put it.

4.  Ultra-modern appliances/finishes in a traditional style home.  There are four of the weirdest ceiling fans in this house.  I swear, they look more like some sort of modern art sculpture than ceiling fans.  Another gripe I have?  The gigantic vessel sinks in the bathrooms that take up nearly the entire counter top!  I don’t like vessel sinks anyway, but these are ridiculously huge.

5.  More than one access point into the attic.  Some people wouldn’t be bothered by this, but I am.  I’m used to there being one access point into the attic, usually via pull down stairs in the garage.  This house has pull down access in the garage, but also in the master closet and in one of the spare bedrooms.  The one in the spare room is unusable unless you take down the ceiling fan.  Why they did that, I have no idea.  It’s not like there are mechanical systems that can only be accessed from those points.

I honestly think that in an attempt to save money, the builder and the owners cut corners where they shouldn’t have.  I consider this house an example of things you don’t do when you’re building/remodeling a home.



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