Musically speaking, I’m still in junior high.

I once read something that said the music you love when you’re twelve is the music you’ll love forever.  I don’t think this is necessarily true, but I do have a tendency to lean toward certain genres over others.

Growing up, my mom listened to KRMD (FM 101.1), the country station for Shreveport and Bossier City.  Naturally, I listened to it too, and to this day, I still love country music.  Then she switched to KVKI (FM 96.5), which is an easy-listening/pop  music station.  This laid the foundation for my musical tastes for the rest of  my life, I’m afraid.

By the time I entered junior high (which was seventh and eighth grade in my day), all my friends were listening to this new station called TUX 99 (KTUX, FM 98.9).  TUX 99 played a lot more rock, which I’d never really listened to all that much up to that point.  But in order to avoid being the only kid in my class who wasn’t listening to TUX,  I started listening too.

This is the station that introduced me to “hair bands”, as groups like Bon Jovi, Poison, and many others were known back then.  This moniker referred to the fact that all of them had long, permed hair that was teased as high and as wide as they could get it to go.  Most of the groups whose music was featured on TUX 99 are long gone, but some of them are still making music.  And I, for the most part, am still a fan.

These days, my tastes tend to run to mostly country artists, with a smattering of pop artists/groups thrown in.  Hard rock isn’t really my thing anymore, but I do still like Bon Jovi.  (Jon Bon Jovi was my first rock star crush.  Somewhere, I still have a door length poster of him.)

Do you still like the music you liked when you were twelve?  Or have your tastes changed?


6 thoughts on “Musically speaking, I’m still in junior high.

  1. Hi Courtney! I still listen to the music I listened to in High School but not Jr. High. But I have found that the music that my mom listened to when I was young has stuck with me regardless of genre. Steve Windwood and The Blues Brothers will always have a home in my head! Really liked your post! Thanks!

  2. I still love bands I listened to as a teenager. Not when I was 12, that was the age of Michael Jackson, and I outgrew that phase pretty quickly, but I still love the big hair bands – and Bon Jovi was an idol, I recently heard his “You give love a bad name” and was shocked to realize I still know all the lyrics by heart.

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