Pet Peeves

Pet Peeve #1: People who let their dogs run loose.

This is a big one for me, because I like being able to walk with my dog without having to worry about being accosted by someone’s (unfriendly) dog.  Unfortunately, in my current neighborhood, everyone seems to let their dogs run loose.  This is a nightmare for me, but so far, we’ve been lucky.  The only bad experience I’ve had was when we (the dog and I) went for a walk and walked right into the middle of a pack of unruly dogs.  We were able to retreat without anyone getting hurt, thankfully.

Part of the reason I hate when people let their dogs run loose is because I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m going to be mugged every time I leave the house.  I also hate other people’s dog poop in my yard.  I pick up after my dog and I don’t appreciate having to pick up after yours too.  Dogs running loose can be dangerous, not just to other pets and wildlife, but to people as well.  Dogs running in a pack are a bite/attack situation waiting to happen.

Not only can loose dogs be a danger to others, they can be a danger to themselves.  A dog running loose may run in front of a car.  They could be attacked by another loose dog.  And if you live on the outskirts of town like we currently do, they can have a less than pleasant run in with the local wildlife.

So if you love your dog, keep them inside or in a fenced yard.  It would make my life a lot easier.


6 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. I have several thoughts on this. One: I had a Rottie for 13 years that HATED other male dogs that he did not know. I NEVER had him off leash any where but in our yard. I used to HATE when other dogs, especially ones much smaller than him would run up on us when we walked snapping and barking. We never had an incident where he hurt another dog but if we had it surely would have been blamed on him because of his breed. Two: In our current neighborhood, which is in a city of 55,000 an VERY near a major freeway many ppl allow their dogs to roam. My current dog, an English Bull Terrier, LOVES other dogs but he is a rescue and it seem that if he is attacked by other dogs he becomes very fearful and it is weeks before we can walk in the area where it happened again. He could easily hurt several of these small dogs instead they scare him to death. I even watch them chase my son on his bike and snap at the mail carriers! Three: If ppl REALLY love their dog they would not allow it to roam the neighborhood. It is UNSAFE.

    • We used to live next door to the meanest Labrador I’ve ever come across (this was a couple of years ago). Not only did he come after me and my dog twice (I broke a pooper scooper over his head the first time, trying to ward him off), but I once saw him go after a guy riding his bicycle. If I was in the yard, and this dog was out, I had to keep one eye on him because he exhibited predatory behavior toward me (stalking) whenever he thought I wasn’t watching him. A dog that stalks people is NOT a dog that needs to be roaming the neighborhood!

      I agree with the points you made. Little dogs are worse than big dogs. I love dogs, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give one of those little yappers a good swift kick if I had to in order to keep from being bitten.

  2. This is one of my biggest problems too! And it’s beyond shocking that people allow this to happen in a city filled with tons of people, other dogs, and busy streets. Definitely my biggest pet peeve! PS. Chaos is gorgeous! I never knew about Akita’s until I met a girl in my building who had a big Akita named George. We used to trade dogsitting.

    • Thank you! He’s my old man (he turned 12 in August) and I love him to pieces. I can’t imagine having to cope with busy streets, lots of people, and other dogs too. It’s bad enough living in suburbia and having to deal with loose dogs!

  3. If you know who is letting their dog run loose, you can make a complaint, though, and it will be followed up on. Your neighbor may not be happy, but, hey, they are the ones breaking the law and endangering people as well as dogs. Unfortunately, the people I’ve encountered that let their dogs run loose don’t seem concerned with other people and animals.

    • Unfortunately, it’s most everyone in my neighborhood. If we lived in the city limits, the dogs would have to be confined/leashed. But it’s county law that applies, and there’s no leash law, which sucks.

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