This is the last time I’ll mention State Farm, I swear

Since my last post about State Farm, we got the letter I knew was coming.  On September 20th, nearly two weeks after I cancelled all our policies and moved everything to Farm Bureau, we received the following letter in the mail:

RE: Application Number: ##-##-####-#*

        Policy Type: Homeowners Tenants Form Policy

Cancellation Date: October 22, 2012

Dear Policyholder:

Thank you for the opportunity to consider your application for insurance.  After a careful review, we regret that we cannot issue the policy as requested.  The coverage provided by this application will terminate on the Cancellation Date state above.

Any return premium will be handled through the State Farm Payment Plan account Number SFPP NO ##########.*

This insurance coverage is not acceptable to State Farm Fire and Casualty Company due to the increased liability exposure presented by the on premises Akita Dog.

For your protection, you are urged to obtain other insurance to prevent any lapse in coverage.


Personal Lines Fire Underwriting, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company

First of all, I have to say I just love how they gave us a month to find another insurance provider.  (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.)  I also love how they waited until two weeks after we cancelled everything to send their little shitty-gram, as my husband called it.  Also, did the trained monkey who typed this not proofread it first before popping it in the mail?  Seriously, the whole thing sounds like a fill in the blank form letter.

I was right about the reason they decided to “review” this policy.  Because our homeowners was cancelled when we sold our house, then I asked for a renters policy, the underwriters decided to review the application for renters insurance.  Even though the claim still isn’t settled (we’re still waiting on my neighbor’s insurance to get their shit together!), they decided we’re too much of a risk.


So I decided to compose a little letter of my own.  Not that I’ll ever send the thing, (at least not until the damn claim is settled) but writing it made me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

Dear State Farm,

First of all, I find it absurd that you’ve sent me a Notice of Cancellation nearly two weeks after I moved my policy to one of your competitors.  (Just for the record, Farm Bureau has better rates than you do.)

Secondly, I am disgusted with the fact that you aren’t even adhering to your own policy in this matter.  Your policy (as I have been informed by both my former agent and the adjuster handling my claim) is that you allow policy holders one “free” dog bite without penalty.  In some cases, you have allowed dog owners whose dogs have aggression problems and who have had more than one dog bite claim to retain their policy with you.

One of these such cases was mentioned by my adjuster.  That dog’s owner has been allowed to retain her policy even though her dog (which has a history of aggressive behavior) has been involved in more than one bite incident.  This is unfair, since my dog has never shown aggression to people before and this incident was provoked by my former neighbor leaning over him to begin with.

Not only is the cancellation of my policy a violation of your own policy, but it was premature as well.  The claim is still pending.  The final amount of the claim is still undetermined, so I find your “preemptive strike” an overreaction on your part.

But that’s fine, State Farm.  If this is how you want to treat a customer of over 20 years, I can’t stop you.

Just know this: I have moved all my business to Farm Bureau.  Both auto policies, the personal articles policy, and my renters policy.  And when our house is finished, Farm Bureau will get our homeowners policy as well.

You really cut your nose off to spite your face.  You failed to understand and consider the love I have for an old, arthritic dog, who has been a part of my life for the past 10 years without incident.  You failed to grasp that I am loyal to my dog and that in the grand scheme of things, that you were the expendable one.

Furthermore, I will be informing every State Farm customer I know of your decision and encouraging them to move their business elsewhere.  You really screwed up this time, State Farm.


A former customer

I imagine they won’t give a shit one way or another, but writing it made me feel better.

* Policy and account numbers hidden so not to get myself in trouble.  Because I certainly don’t give a shit about protecting them from anything.


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