Letting go

How do you know when it’s time to let go?  I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last few weeks.

Chaos is getting older and the bad days are starting to outnumber the good ones.  He turned 12 in August, which is old for an Akita.  (The normal lifespan is 10 to 12 years.)  He’s had arthritis for at least a year, and it’s getting progressively worse as time goes by.

Yesterday when I took him out for his last walk of the night, he had to sit down at least half a dozen times in order to go half a block and back.  He has to sit down to potty sometimes.

It makes me sad because I know that I probably don’t have that much time left with him.

How do you know when it’s time to make that decision?  Chaos still seems happy and I can medicate for his arthritis pain.  Is it selfish of me to not want to let go too soon?

3 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Found my way here from your comment on my blog.

    Been in this situation, more than once. It’s never easy to decide the right time. And, if you’re like me, you will forever second-guess yourself.

    To me, the deciding factor has been whether or not my dog has any enjoyment in life. Two of mine past fur children suffered from canine dementia. When they started getting lost in corners and wandering aimlessly in circles, it was time to part with them. My last was very sick and the vet said he would not get better. I took him home and loved him to pieces for 3 days before taking him to his final visit.

    It’s a decision you have to live with, so you should do it when you feel the time is right.

  2. I too, wandered over after reading your comment about my deaf pit bull. I’ve had to put two wonderful dogs down; after being with me for many years. Abbey began to have seizures as well as accidents in the house. She always looked so embarrassed it was hard to get angry. Tilly was my first pit bull, a rescue. It’s so very hard. But listen to your heart, let Chaos keep his dignity and you’ll know. hugs

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