Things I’ve learned while living in this rental house

I’ve learned quite a few things about what not to do when you build a house.  One of those things is that no matter how cool/awesome/stylish vessel sinks look, they absolutely suck for day to day living.  They take up too much valuable counter space, the glass ones are hard to keep clean, and they leak.  I’m currently waiting to see when the plumber can come out to work on the same sink we had to have fixed a couple of months ago.  The damn thing is leaking again, not as badly as before, but leaking all the same.  That’s a sign of poor design if you keep having to have the thing worked on.  Needless to say, I am NOT a fan of vessel sinks.  Living in this house has taught me how crappy they are.

Master bath – This is the only counter space we have and it’s not enough thanks to these two big ass sinks.

Hall bath – This is all the counter space there is in this bathroom. Can you imagine trying to do your hair or makeup? There’s no place to put anything!


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