Dear Tramadol, I think I love you.

I should probably explain, shouldn’t I?

Before yesterday, I didn’t know you existed.  But I’m so glad that you do, and that you came into my life at just the right moment.  You see, yesterday I was at the vet’s office with Chaos.  He has a cold and I wanted to get him some medicine.  While I was there, I mentioned that his arthritis was really bad and that he seemed to always be in pain.  And that I felt like he wasn’t enjoying life anymore, and that maybe it was time to think about letting him go.

That’s when the vet made me aware of you, Tramadol.  She told me that even though you were made for people, Chaos could take you too.  Then she wrote me a prescription for you.  I didn’t dare hope that you would make a difference in Chaos’s life, but I got the prescription filled.

Yesterday evening, I could tell that Chaos’s Vetprofen had worn off, so I gave him one of you instead.  My husband and I couldn’t believe the difference you made.  Chaos was moving around like he didn’t feel pain at all.  Vetprofen never did that for him.  You could always tell that it only took the edge off, it didn’t make the pain go away entirely.  That’s why I was so amazed when you did what Vetprofen couldn’t.  You made my buddy stop hurting.  For the first time in at least a year, he wasn’t having trouble getting up.

So thank you, Tramadol.  Thank you for putting the sparkle back in his eye and an ease in his steps that’s been missing for a long time.  Thank you for giving me more time with my buddy.

I really do love you for that.