I’m so behind.

I haven’t done a building update in a month.  Since my last update about the progress of our house build, the entire house has been framed and wrapped, the roof is on and felted, and the shingles have been delivered to the job site.


(image by me)


(image by me)


(image by me)

The electrician has started running all the electrical wiring.  Windows have been delivered and about half of them have been installed.  In addition, our builder managed to get shingles delivered before the holiday, so they can start shingling the roof this week, hopefully.  Once the roof is done and all the windows are installed, the bricking will start.

Once the outside is done, they’ll move inside for the finish work – drywall, paint, cabinet installation, and so on.  We’ve already picked out the granite for the kitchen countertops, the tile for the kitchen and bathroom floors, and the hardwood for the rest of the house.  The main thing I still have to figure out is the outside paint colors.  I have the blue for the porch ceilings picked, but I’m not sure about the rest of the trim yet.  I want to see the brick on the house before I make that decision.

I’ll try to keep up with things from now on.  I forget to update here when I upload pictures to the house build album on Facebook.  I’ll try to do better!


2 thoughts on “I’m so behind.

  1. So exciting! I didn’t build my home, but I bought a very old rather historical house. It needs a lot of work, and every time I get a big project done I’m so happy…then I think about the million other things that need to be done lol

    • I used to say I wanted an old house. But after doing a lot of cosmetic work on our very first house (new paint, new carpet, tiling the bathrooms, refinishing the hardwood, refinishing the kitchen cabinets & putting on new counter tops), I decided I never wanted to tackle that sort of project again if I could help it!

      As for building, at least someone else is doing all the work! 🙂 I can’t wait until it’s all finished.

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