Can someone please explain this?

What do people get out of being assholes online?

In recent months, I’ve had some girl be a total bitch to me on Twitter for no reason other than I didn’t acknowledge her @ replies to me.  Well, excuse me!  If I don’t follow you, your reply doesn’t appear in my feed.  I have to actually look at my @ replies to see your comments, and I don’t check my replies very often.  So I’m sorry that it took a week for me to acknowledge your comments, which by the way, got increasingly hostile when I didn’t immediately reply to you.

A lot of my activity on Twitter is stuff that I have set to auto-post, like my WordPress and Tumblr accounts.  Or it was shared with another site’s Tweet This button, so I never was actually “on” Twitter.  This was one of her accusations, that I was “on” Twitter, therefore I should have seen and replied to her comments.  I rolled my eyes at that one.  Are people really that ignorant about how Twitter works?  Not everyone has their account set up to receive notifications every time someone @ replies to them.

I ended up having to block her because she just kept on and on and on and it was getting progressively uglier with each new reply.

Then today, I got an email notification about a comment I made over a year ago on a YouTube video that someone had replied to.  The guy didn’t even really address the comment I had posted, just called me nasty names.  So I reported his ass to YouTube for abuse/harassment.  Seriously, there’s no need to attack me just because my opinion of something differs from yours.  I do hope that his account gets suspended.  The jerk deserves it.

So this has me wondering, what do people get out of being a hostile troll online?  Do they enjoy upsetting other people that much?  What kind of warped human being are you that you get something out of that negative attention?  I don’t get it, I really don’t.


4 thoughts on “Can someone please explain this?

  1. I honestly have no idea, so i fear I cannot help you here. Even when I’m commenting to a nasty commentor I’m usually polite and avoid cursing. Some people are just hardwired to be rude, I think, but are too scared to do it in person. So the internet is just a big dumping ground for them. I’m sorry you dealt with rude people. I’d probably be in the same situation with Twitter, as I hardly ever actually log on.

    • Yeah, the one on Twitter I tried to be polite to, but she just kept escalating in her rudeness, so I ended up blocking her. I didn’t even acknowledge the guy on YouTube, just reported him and was done with it. I think he’s just a troll, because his account had only been created a few days prior to him replying to my comment on the video.

      The one that still bugs me is something that happened with my husband’s cousin. I had posted something on Facebook that she didn’t agree with. So instead of just ignoring it, she felt she had to “correct” my point of view. It didn’t end well for her, because several of my friends jumped into the debate and she basically took her ball and went home. They weren’t rude or ugly, they just pointed out the SEVERE flaws in her argument, which she didn’t appreciate.

      She sent me a message telling me that I was so wrong, yada, yada, yada. Then she unfriended me and tried to get my husband to take her side by sending him a message whining that I was mean. *eye roll* He told her that he agreed with my post (the one that started the whole thing) and she didn’t have to comment if it bothered her so much – just ignore it and move on. So she wasn’t happy with him either.

      I don’t get people like that – if it bothers you that much, hide the comment/post (most sites allow you to do that) or ignore it. There’s no need to be mean just because you don’t agree.

      • My MIL does this to me often. I am very liberal and she isn’t. And she made it her business to friend many of my family members, and when any of them or I post something she disagrees with she posts remarks and arguments, or simply “wrong” on them. My sister routinely has to go onto her feed an delete them. Did you even know the person on Twitter?

      • I didn’t, that was the weird thing! She jumped into a conversation I was having with actor Jim Beaver (jumblejim on Twitter) about presidential biographies.

        I had asked him for recommendations after he mentioned he wanted to find a good Obama biography. He had replied with something along the lines of “Are you sure? That’s a lot of reading with 44 presidents.”

        She jumped in to “correct” us about the number of presidents. Grover Cleveland did serve two separate times as President, but each time counts. So 44, not 43. She got all huffy when I replied to her and pointed out that Obama was our 44th POTUS.

        I left it at that, thought that was the end of it. Then a few days later I got on Twitter and I had all these replies from her in which she got increasingly huffy and then started calling me names because I hadn’t replied to any of her previous comments. It was so ridiculous.

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