House update

So the house is coming along.  We got a bit behind schedule due to two weeks worth of rain.  It rained every single day for two solid weeks.  And because of the rain, they couldn’t deliver the Sheetrock.  So that put us behind, but our builder has had guys working on weekends to make up for it.

Since my last update, we’ve gotten the wall insulation done.  Then they hung drywall.  The last week or so has been about getting the drywall seams taped and plastered.  They’ve done numerous coats, and I think they’re just about done with the plastering.  They’ve also installed all the bathtubs.

Blown-in insulation in the walls.

Blown-in insulation in the walls. (image by me)

Drywall is hung!

Drywall is hung! (image by me)

I don’t have pictures of it yet, but they’ve built out the wall that the fireplace insert goes in.  I can see the true size of the rooms now, and I’ve started plotting where to place furniture.

Bricking should start soon too.  The brick has been delivered and the mason has dropped off a trailer of scaffolding and a mixer.  I can’t wait for the brick to start going up on the house.

The brick is on site.

The brick is on site. (image by me)