#6, 30 Letter Challenge

A stranger.

You chickenshit bastard.  Yeah, you.  You’re a real dick.  You’re also a coward.  That stunt you pulled yesterday because you got your underwear in a knot?  You picked the one thing that matters the most to her, the one thing that keeps her sane, and you shit all over it out of spite.

If you’re not going to be fully in her life, then leave her the fuck alone so she can move on.  That means no checking on her.  No cruising her blog or her Facebook or anything else of the sort.  Stop breaking into her accounts and leaving your footprints all over the place.  No more hitting the board so she can see the “tracks” and know it’s you checking up on her.  She deserves to be able to live her life without you looming all over everything she does.  Especially since you can’t be bothered to get in touch with her directly and actually talk to her.

So she started dating again.  What do you care?  It’s none of your damn business.  You’re married to someone else, with a crazy bitch girlfriend on the side, so leave her alone.  What bugged you the most?  The yipping coyotes?  Or the one like you?  Fuck you, it’s none of your damn business to begin with.

You better hope we never cross paths.  Because so help me, I will light you on fire.