Public service announcement

In the last month or so, we’ve been receiving calls from 954-278-8360.  The caller ID shows “Not In Use” and if you answer, you get a person claiming to be with Safeguard, wanting you to take a survey.  The first two times they called, a couple of days apart, I told them I wasn’t interested and to please stop calling.

So what do they do?  They wait a couple of weeks, then call me again.  The first two calls were during the day, but the third call was in the evening a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as I saw the number, I got irritated because I had already told them to stop calling.  So I answer and when the woman started her spiel, I attempted to interrupt her.  I said “Ma’am” a couple of times, but she just kept talking over me.  Finally, I yelled “Ma’am!”, which shut her up long enough for me to snap, “I’ve already had calls from you all twice before.  I’ve told you twice now to stop calling me.  Do NOT call me again.”  She started to say something and I hung up on her.

Fast forward to today.  I got a call from this same company YET AGAIN.  This time, I told the guy that if they called me again, I would report them.  He hung up on me.

From what I understand (after researching this number online), this “survey” asks questions about your home’s security.  I’m not comfortable giving that kind of information to someone I don’t know, where I didn’t initiate the call to begin with.  So I logged on to my cable company’s website to see if I could block the number.  Sure enough, I can selectively block certain numbers.  I have now blocked this number.  According to the cable company’s website, every time they call, they will get a busy signal.  Good riddance, I say.