A little news

Went out to our construction site this afternoon.  The brick layer had finished the brick – the window sills are done and the brick around the outside of the front porch is done.  I was getting ready to leave and our builder came out of his house (have I mentioned before that he lives across the cul-de-sac from our lot?), so I asked him about the schedule.

According to our builder, the cabinet guy is working on the cabinets and once they are installed, then the painters will come in.  After the painters, he plans to get the tile floors done and set the toilets.  After that, the trim work will go in, along with the wood floors.  Light fixtures will be one of the last things installed.  Counter tops get installed somewhere in here as well.

Also on the agenda: getting the electric meter moved to its permanent spot on the side of the house.  Then the lot will get leveled off a bit and the septic system will be put in.  That’s pretty much all that’s left.