Good one, Lowe’s!

Back at the end of December, I was in Lowe’s with the husband looking at the appliances.  We found a KitchenAid dishwasher, normally $849, that was on sale for $649.  We also found a range that was priced at $1099.  In addition, Lowe’s was running an additional 10% off on appliances through the end of the month.

I knew we were nowhere near ready for appliances, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save some money on the appliances that we had to have, so I bought them on December 31.  I was happy because I saved almost $400 on my appliances.

Then began what I’ll call “delivery delay tactics” on my part.  I scheduled the original delivery date for three weeks from the purchase date.  The week before that date arrived, I went in and had the date pushed back two more weeks to February 4.  Then I went in and pushed it back again, to February 22, or so I thought.

This morning I got a phone call from the Lowe’s delivery guy.  He wanted to know if anyone would be there to take delivery.  I told him there must be a mistake, because I had both the range and dishwasher set to be delivered on Friday.  I was confused about why they thought delivery was today, so I went up to Lowe’s this afternoon.  I needed to go anyway, because I wanted to check on the status of the kitchen sink I ordered online February 2.

First I went to Customer Service to ask about the sink.  It’s still not in, but they had the deliver by date as February 26, so I’m not too concerned about that.  Then I decided to get to the bottom of the delivery call this morning, so I headed down to the Professional Services desk.

After waiting around for a few minutes for someone to come back to the desk and help me, the Pro desk girl came back.  I told her why I was there and she got on the computer to check.  Lo and behold, the computer was showing that the range was set up for delivery today, but the dishwasher is set up for Friday!  So then she had to find out if the range had been loaded on the truck or if it was sitting back in the delivery bay.  She was finally able to get in touch with the helper on the truck, who said that the range was on the truck, but would be returned to the store and re-entered in the system for delivery on Friday with the dishwasher.

After I got all that straight, I went out to the house.  The cabinet guy was over at the builder’s shop across the street, so I went over and asked if anyone would be around on Friday morning.  He said that they would be there and it was no problem to put the appliances in the shop until they were ready for them.  I came home much relieved on that score.

The things I have to deal with sometimes.