If I were paranoid, I would be really curious about the rash of spam comments I’ve received in the last week on a post that is months old.  Seriously, what’s the deal?  It’s like the same spam bots keep posting the same comments every so often.  It’s a bit weird, to be honest.  You spam posters can go away, because your comments aren’t going to get approved – ever.  Go spam comment on someone else’s blog.


3 thoughts on “So…

  1. Weird?! I would get some on old stuff – sometimes I think it all has to do with WP’s key words crap.

    It was just annoying. And I loved getting ones that were the “this was so informative!” when it was a picture. *lol*

    • What’s really crazy is that one of the spammers actually had the nerve to say that my blog appeared to have eaten their previous comment. I may have actually head-desked at that point.

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