I’m totally unprepared.

I’m nowhere near ready to move before the end of this month.  Usually I’m much more organized about preparing for a move, but I have no idea what’s going on with this move.

For instance, it hit me a few minutes ago that I don’t know who provides the water at our house.  It’s got to be a rural water association, but which one?  Then there’s the question of whether or not AT&T is going to hook up a phone and internet at the new house.  They don’t seem real inclined to help me, which is strange because I’m trying to give them money!

I can at least say that I’ve got a moving company coming to give me an estimate this week.  They’re coming from just outside Jackson and I’ll probably end up using them because the local moving company can’t be bothered to return my call.  What is it with people not wanting my money?

I’m questioning whether or not the house will be ready by next Thursday.  I just don’t see how everything is going to get done between now and then.  There’s still so much that needs to be done.

  • Install the shower door in the master bath. (But first, gotta wait for the shower door to come in!)
  • Finish the wood floors.  (Still have two rooms and a couple of closets left to do.)
  • Finish the tile floors.  (Grout all three bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room.)
  • Trim the floors with shoe molding.  (They’re nearly done with this.)
  • Install the toilets.
  • Tile and grout the kitchen back splash.
  • Tile and grout the master shower.
  • Install the laundry room sink.
  • Hook up all the sinks to the plumbing lines.
  • Install the two water heaters.
  • Install the freestanding vanity in the smallest bathroom.
  • Put the cabinet doors and drawer fronts on.
  • Put the cabinet pulls on.
  • Paint all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  (They primed them yesterday, so this is at least in process.)
  • Brick the front and back steps.  (Also in process.)
  • Install the dishwasher, vent hood, range and garbage disposal.
  • Install the door locks.  (DONE!)
  • Tile and grout the laundry room counter tops.
  • Tile the fireplace surround.
  • Install the gas log fireplace.
  • Install all the faucets.
  • Hang the mirrors.

This is a lot left to do and there’s only a week left before we close.  I just don’t know how they’re going to get it all done, since this is the detail-oriented stuff that takes the longest to do.

Tomorrow I’m going to call AT&T again and find out what their problem is.  Then I’m going to call DirectTV to set up installation with them.  If I’m feeling the need to be a masochist, I’ll call the local moving company again to try to get an estimate.  The first two I’ll definitely do.  The third?  Maybe.  We’ll see.