I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Today I drove over to the ‘burg to get some things, like plates to replace the ones that got broken.  While I was in town, I stopped at the local Books A Million.  I witnessed the following exchange.

Female customer:  “I need a copy of Hamlet.  My son is going to be in it.”

BAM employee:  “We have a copy right here.”  [pulls the book off the shelf and shows it to the customer]

FC:  “No, I need a script, not a book.  My son needs to learn his lines for his part.”

BAM employee:  “This is the original work by Shakespeare.  This is the play.”

Meanwhile, I’m trying not to die laughing at how dumb the customer was.  How do you not know that Hamlet is a play?  I mean, she was older than I am, so surely she would have read it at some point in school?  Even the Mel Gibson movie version’s dialogue was pretty much word for word from the actual play.

I weep for the education of our youth, if even their parents don’t know what Hamlet is.


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