Quit acting like a damn fool.

Pet Peeve #4: People who act like idiots, then get offended when you get annoyed with them.

As most of y’all know, we recently moved into our new house.  The pile of boxes in the garage is slowly becoming smaller, but I still have plenty to unpack.  So when I’m working in the garage, I usually raise the garage door.  This makes removing the empty boxes easier, because I break them down and pile them on the side of the driveway.

So I’m working in the garage, opening boxes and ferrying stuff into the house.  I was in the house and I heard a car horn blow a couple of times.  I thought it might have been one of the guys who work for our builder pulling up at our builder’s shop (which is beside his house).  At any rate, I didn’t see anybody, so I went back to what I was doing, which was putting stuff up in the kitchen.

A few seconds pass and the horn blows again.  This time it registered that the sound was pretty loud – like the car was in my driveway.  So I stepped out into the garage and saw a man sitting in his car.  When he spotted me, he started trying to get out of the car (which was a bit difficult, since he was very heavy set).

I asked, “Can I help you?”  He tells me his name (which I didn’t catch) and asks if I’m interested in having my yard sodded.  I didn’t understand what he said at first and replied, “Excuse me?”  He repeated what he had said about the sod and I replied, “We’ve already had the yard seeded.”  I guess I was giving him an aggravated look, because he started getting back in his car.  But what really ticked me off was his next comment, said in a sarcastic tone: “Well, I guess I’ll leave you alone then.”

The whole thing irritated me because 1) you pulling up in my driveway and blowing your horn like a fool is NOT the way to go about getting my business, and 2) then being lippy when I tell you I’m not interested is definitely not going to get you any future business.  When did people stop having the common courtesy to come ring a person’s doorbell?  If he wanted to project a business-like image, that’s what he should have done.

Am I wrong in feeling like common courtesy is falling by the wayside?


2 thoughts on “Quit acting like a damn fool.

  1. I don’t think so. Sometimes I feel like it should be “fallen” instead of “falling.”

    That guy blew it, and for a business that basically runs on word of mouth referrals, that’s bad.

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