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As y’all know, we recently finished our house and moved in.  There are still things that need to be done, which is annoying, but nothing major.  Things like swapping out a cabinet door in the kitchen for one that is the correct size, doing the touch up painting, and so forth.  My biggest gripe at this point is the master shower.

About a week after we moved in, the shower door finally came in and was installed.  We had been using a tension rod and shower curtain so that we could at least use the shower in the meantime.

A few days after the shower door was installed, I noticed that the tile floor outside the shower was damp.  A couple more days went by, then I discovered the source of the problem.

The grout is falling out of the tile in big chunks.  (image by me)

The grout is falling out of the tile threshold in big chunks. (image by me)

I called the flooring company that did the installation and asked that someone come out to look at this mess, then I called my builder and let him know as well.

The tile guys came out on Monday and proposed replacing all the grout with grout caulk.  The caulk is flexible, so it shouldn’t peel and crack.  So they came back on Wednesday, chipped out the grout and applied the caulk.  We had to wait 24 hours before we could use the shower again, and when we did, everything seemed fine.  No damp floor outside the shower.

Problem solved, right?

About a week after they put in the caulk, I noticed again that the floor outside the shower was getting wet.  Then the caulk started separating from the tile all along the threshold.

I went through the same steps as I had previously.  This time the tile guys said that the entire threshold will have to be torn out and redone because the wood that forms the threshold is getting wet and swelling, which is causing the grout/caulk to pull apart.

Currently, I’m waiting for the tile guys to get done with a job they had already started so they can come back and tear out the threshold and replace the wood with concrete.  I’d like to know who the genius was who thought putting wood in a shower frame was a good idea!

The whole thing is very frustrating.  I can deal with the rest of the (minor) things that need touching up, but this is ridiculous.  I expect to be able to use my shower without it leaking all over the place!

In the meantime, until they come back to fix it, I have taped plastic wrap over the worst parts in an attempt to keep it from splitting even more.

Anyone else have a home building horror story they’d like to share?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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