So frustrated

As I mentioned recently, we’ve been having ongoing issues with our shower.  The problem began within days of our shower door being installed and finally necessitated the entire shower threshold being torn out this week.

After removing the shower doors and track, the tile guys chipped off the tile.  The mastic that was used to adhere the tile to the wood frame threshold was wet, with a thick, glue-like texture.  As they cut the boards out and removed them, I saw that in spite of their waterproofing/sealing, the entire bottom of both pieces of wood were soaked.  The piece that was on the inside of the shower basically acted like a sponge and just soaked up the water from the shower pan, pulling it into the wood.  This caused the wood to swell, which created holes along the top, allowing even more water to penetrate.  What’s the point of waterproofing if you’re not going to coat the bottom the board so it can’t soak up water from underneath?

They cut the boards out and removed them, being careful not to cut the thin fiberglass lip of the shower pan in the process.  They then cut and placed concrete block and adhered the block on both sides.  All the seams were filled as well.

After allowing the adhesive/caulk stuff to dry for about 48 hours, they came back and put a thick coat of sealer/waterproofing on all the block and the seams.  Later that evening, they came back and put a second coat on.

Then this morning, I got a phone call from them.  The tile they had ordered to do the job was the wrong color.  Apparently, the store owner didn’t verify the color was correct when he picked the tile up last week.

So now they won’t be finishing the job until next week.  I’m just so sick of this shit.  I had predicted that we would be without the shower for at least a week.  Looks like it’s going to be even longer than I anticipated.  And, as I suspected, the hubby was less than thrilled when I called to tell him about the latest snafu in our ongoing shower saga.

I will be so glad when this is over and my shower doesn’t leak any more.