Today I found a bookmark given to me by a friend years ago as part of a birthday present.  The bookmark has stuff about numerology on it, specifically having to do with the day of the month you’re born on.  Since I was born on the first of December, this bookmark details what being a “1” means.  It’s all interesting, even though about half of it doesn’t apply to me.

After I found the bookmark, I decided to poke around a bit online and see if I could verify some of the points made on the bookmark.  I found the following:


Your strengths
You are a leader. You have great ambition and a strong drive for success. You are highly independent and dislike the restrictions of having to work with others. You easily become frustrated with the routine. You are a pioneer, a gambler, and an initiator. You are very creative; you possess a keen and rapid mind. You have excellent business instincts, and with the appropriate training you can run large organizations and big businesses. You use information for a specific purpose. Knowledge is a practical tool in your hands; you dislike information or knowledge for its own sake.

You possess a broad vision and a great capacity for motivating others. You have great will power that will be tested, especially during the years 28 to 56. But your opportunity for accomplishment is enormous.

Your determination, will power, and inventiveness are the keys to your success and will likely bring you much personal reward and financial success.

Your challenges
You are generally open to the ideas of others, but you can be extremely stubborn and hardheaded once you become attached to your plans. Avoid laziness and procrastination. You are given to anger and frustration, and have a tendency to force the issue at times when things are not developing as rapidly as you would like.   (Source)

Yeah, not much of that applies to me.  The only bit I can honestly say is me is the part about being stubborn and hardheaded.  The stuff on my bookmark is a bit more in-depth.

From my bookmark:

Those with a birthday on the 1st of the month have come to learn about creativity and confidence.

1’s are original and need freedom to develop and express their own way of doing things.  They love to improve their skills and through perseverance they develop strength and self-confidence.  They can be hypersensitive but are full of vitality and fun.  Exercise can help to balance their energies and they inspire others with their drive and leadership.  1’s are capable in any field, especially in creative or healing careers.

Being loved and in love play a major part in their happiness and they are extremely warm and affectionate to those they love and trust.

The back of the bookmark gives a short history of numerology and tells you how to determine what your personal year in the 9 year cycle is.

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers, first developed by the Greek philosopher Pythangoras.  The universe is based on systems, patterns and numbers, so it seems only obvious that we too are part of the mathematical patterns in nature.

Numerology is only one tool we can use to help unravel and understand some of what makes us the complex beings we are and to help take the guess work out of “who am I?” and “what am I here for?”

In numerology there is a 9 year cycle, and by understanding the energy of our present year number, we can be better prepared for the opportunities and lessons of each year.

Add your day of birth, plus the month to this present year number to work out your current personal year in the 9 year cycle.

As an example:

Day          Month          Year

1st             12                 2013 =

1+1+2+2+0+1+3 = 10

10 = 1+0= 1 (Year)

Year 1  Self improvement, activity, creativity, opportunities, investing, new beginnings.

Year 2  Balance, teamwork, developing boundaries, relationships, sharing, spiritual growth.

Year 3  Study, mental expansion, sensitivity, vulnerability, self expression, fun.

Year 4  Consolidation, reflection, relaxation, integration, frustration, regeneration.

Year 5  Freedom, change, turmoil, choices, travel, opportunities.

Year 6  Abundance, vision, new projects, generosity, creativity, achievement.

Year 7  Stabilization, sharing, sacrifice, spiritual growth, gratitude, understanding.

Year 8  Independence, financial success, power, wisdom, abundance, emotional control.

Year 9  Reflection, completion, letting go, change, responsibility, integrity.

So there you have it.  Me according to numerology.  Check out your birth number at the source site linked above and see how accurate yours is.