Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

Pet Peeve #5: People who make assumptions without having all the facts.

In the past several days, I’ve run up against several people who made assumptions about things.  That drives me crazy.  You know what they say about assuming, right?  When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

A bit of background first.  We live on a gravel road.  The county is going to pave it, but for now, it’s a gravel road.  Anyway, last week, a road crew comes out and dumps a bunch of dirt, then spends a couple of hours packing it down and smoothing it out.  Then comes the coat of oil, followed by a coat of gravel.  I guess the oil keeps the gravel from sinking into the dirt base or something.  At any rate, they spend the rest of the afternoon spraying oil, then dumping and smoothing gravel.  After they get all the gravel down, they come back and compact it so that it doesn’t have any give.  Then they take the rest of the week off because the forecast calls for rain (and it did rain the very next day).  We haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since last Tuesday.

About 12:20, I left to go meet the husband for lunch in town.  There was one guy on a road work machine on our road when I left.  He appeared to be smoothing the loose gravel down.  When I got back home an hour later, the entire crew was down in at the end of the road (where my house is).

As I got closer, I got really aggravated because one of the city workers had parked his damn truck in my driveway.  Not in front of my driveway, but in my driveway.  He could have parked it any number of places, like on the street, but he decided to park in my driveway.  So I rolled my window down and addressed the group, since I didn’t know which one was the driver and stated, “One of you needs to move that,” and pointed at the truck.

So this big guy goes over and (grudgingly) moves the truck so that I can pull in my driveway.  I guess he thought he was going to wait until I pulled into my garage and then he was going to back in and park in my driveway again.  (I’m basing this on the fact that after he pulled out and I began pulling in, the back up lights on the truck came on, so he had it in reverse.)  Only I threw a monkey wrench in that plan because I stopped at the end of my driveway and got out to get the mail.  So he was forced to put the truck in park and get out, because I was watching him to make sure he didn’t block my driveway again.

I wanted to tell him, buddy, don’t mess with me.  I’ll have your truck towed and then you’ll have to explain to your boss why it got towed in the first place.

This is the only place I’ve ever lived where the city/county workers have made the leap that since they’re working on a project in the neighborhood, that gives them the right to park where they see fit.  I’ve got news for you, buster.  It doesn’t entitle you to squat.  If you come and ask me nicely, I probably would be fine with it.  But to just commandeer my driveway because you don’t want to get your shoes muddy?  Oh hell no.

I did have a similar issue when we lived in a different town here in Mississippi, only the ones doing the assuming were the construction crew building a house on the lot across the street.  They were parking on our grass, dangerously close to some of the sprinkler heads and I was worried about them tearing up the sprinklers and my grass.  I told them to move their vehicles or I’d have them towed.  Needless to say, they stayed on the opposite side of the street after that.

What I don’t understand is why people seem to think that this is acceptable behavior.  I wouldn’t dream of parking on a stranger’s grass, or in their driveway, or even in front of their front walk.  To me, courtesy dictates that I not block someone’s front walk, mailbox, or driveway and that I stay off their grass.  Anything else is just flat out rude.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  What has happened to respecting another person’s property?


4 thoughts on “Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

    • I understand exactly how you feel. Park in front of your own damn house, mister. Or in your garage or driveway. Although if he’s like 95% of people, his garage is stuffed full of crap and there is no room for a car. But that shouldn’t prevent him from utilizing his driveway instead of the street in front of your house.

      If he blocks your mailbox or your driveway, you could have him towed. Because if he’s blocking your mailbox, he’s interfering with the delivery of your mail.

  1. I get irritated when people park in front of my house as well. but most of them are my family. yay for the joys of living in a small town.

    have that truck towed!

  2. I had the neighbors from hell. THANK GOD they are gone. The dude got arrested (which will give you an idea of what I had to deal with) … not only constant traffic – people picking up their crack or whatever the hell they were purchasing, I also had to endure three Chihuahua’s that barked 24/7 and ran wild all over the complex off the leash until one of them got run over and killed. I’m an animal lover for sure but I was so tempted to poison those little dogs. They NEVER. STOPPED. BARKING. People have no respect for other people. I would say that you should have the truck towed but I know I’d be afraid to actually do that because I’m afraid of crazy people. SMOOCHES.

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