Yet another cleaning tip

I want to share with y’all another cleaning tip I scored off Pinterest.

Take a dish wand and fill it with mixture of Dawn dish liquid and distilled white vinegar.  (Yep, it’s our friend vinegar again!)  I used a mix of equal parts Dawn and vinegar.  I put the dish liquid in first, then the vinegar.

After screwing the end cap back on the dish wand, I shook the dish liquid/vinegar up so that it would mix together well.  I hung the filled wand in our shower, waiting for the next time the shower was used to put this hint to the test.



This stuff is a miracle worker.

This morning, after I had my shower, I used the filled wand to scrub every bit of the shower down – doors, shower floor and all.  The shower is sparkling clean and the water streak marks are gone.  I’m guessing that the vinegar keeps the Dawn from leaving soap residue on the shower surfaces.

Anyway, I couldn’t keep this to myself and wanted to share.  No more buying shower cleaners that don’t live up to their hype!


Cleaning tip

Have I got a cleaning tip for y’all!

First, a bit of background.  I’ve been griping about the mess the flooring people made when they did the tiling.  Not wiping the tile down real well, resulting in swirls on the tile surface, bits of grout stuck to the tile, and blobs of silicone dropped on the tile.  No amount of elbow grease (or household cleaners) could make this stuff budge.  I had resorted to using a plastic putty knife to scrape the stubborn spots.

My husband was talking to his staff accountant one day (because her daughter is building a house too) about how much trouble I was having getting the tile clean.  She told him the secret to getting the gunk off the tile and I’m going to share it with you.

The secret?

This stuff is a miracle worker.

This stuff is a miracle cleaner.

That’s right.  Distilled white vinegar is the key to getting gunk off your tile floors!  Just mix a little vinegar in a spray bottle with hot water.  I mixed one part vinegar with two parts water (about 1/4 cup vinegar with 1/2 cup water).  Once you’ve got it mixed, just spray a problem spot, then wipe down.  You might have to go over a spot a couple of times to get it completely clean, but the vinegar will degunk your tile.

After the vinegar treated spots dried, I went over them with a damp mop, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any lingering vinegar smell.  I am impressed by the results, I must admit.  I was starting to despair of ever getting the tile completely clean, but this little trick works wonders.  The vinegar took off smears of grout and dried on silicone with relative ease.

I am passing this little trick along to all of you because this is too amazing to keep to myself.  So if you’ve recently had tile floors installed, or your tile just has a lot of built up gunk on it, try this vinegar mix and see for yourself how easily it removes the mess.  You’ll thank me.