I am so irritated right now.

As y’all know we recently built a house.  McComb Wholesale Carpet did the tile and wood flooring in the entire house, plus the kitchen back splash and the master shower tile work.

Most of the work was fine, but I have been less than impressed with their attention to detail.

But the problems we’ve had with the master shower are the reason I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. We have a custom sized shower. The fiberglass shower pan, being a custom size, didn’t have a pre-cast threshold for the shower door to rest on.

Part of the installation included building a curb (threshold) for the shower doors to rest on. Our builder had put in a wood threshold (that would be waterproofed and tiled over). The installers from McComb Wholesale Carpet said it needed to be a different type of wood, so they pulled the other stuff out and put in the wood they wanted. Their installation was sloppy – they didn’t measure in order to size the material correctly and one side had to be shimmed up to make it level with the other side.

We didn’t know any of this at the time; we only found out after we started having problems with the shower leaking.

At any rate, the shower looked great initially. But about a week after we moved in, we noticed that the tile flooring outside the shower was damp after each use. A few days after that, I saw that the grout between the tiles on the threshold was falling out in chunks. So we called MWC and they came out to look at it on 5/6/13.

The installers who did the work on our house came out to look. They decided that the water was penetrating the grout and wetting the wood underneath, causing swelling and warping, which was why the grout was falling out. They proposed replacing the grout with a caulk which should seal everything up. We warned them that if this didn’t solve the problem, they would be tearing it all out and redoing it.

They came back a few days later and chipped all the old grout out of the tiles on the threshold and filled the spaces with caulk.

Everything was fine for about a week. Then the caulk started separating from the tile and the floor outside the shower was damp. We called MWC again and they came out on 5/16/13. At that time they were informed that they would be tearing out the threshold and replacing it with concrete or brick, which wouldn’t be bothered by any water penetration. I was told at this time that they would order the extra tile they needed and would start the job the next week.

They didn’t show up. When I called the store to find out why, I learned that they had taken on another job that was going to tie them up for at least a couple of weeks. By this point, these problems had been going on for over a month. When I finally spoke to them, I was told it would be 6/17/13 before they could start our repair.

Finally, the day slated for our repair to begin arrived. One of the installers came out and began demoing the threshold. When he pried the tile off, the mastic used to adhere the tile to the framing was wet, with a gluey consistency. When he pulled the wood out, it was soaked. Water marks on the wood framing showed water penetration both from above and below. As near as my husband and I could figure, the wood was soaking up water from underneath. This caused holes to develop that allowed water to enter from the top.

Once everything was demolished, the installer had to replace the wood with something that wouldn’t warp if water came in contact with it. He used concrete block, which he adhered together and clamped to hold it in place while it cured. The next day when he returned, the adhesive was still soft, so he left it for another day. When he came back the third day, he put a thick coat of waterproofing on both sides of the threshold. Later that day, he came back and put on another coat.

He didn’t show up on Thursday. Instead, the store called to let us know that they had received the wrong color tile. So they had to get more tile before he could finish. So for a week, the shower sat half done. The correct tile came in on 6/26/13, so they returned on 6/27/13 to do the tiling.

When the installer arrived to do the tile, I confirmed that he would be making sure everything was level. He said he would check level as he worked. Only when he finished setting the tile, I saw that he had left a slope on the top of the threshold, tilting in toward the inside of the shower. When asked, he admitted he had left it that way to help with water run off.

Both installers returned the next day and grouted everything.

Today (6/29/13) we had the shower doors rehung. That’s when we discovered that their lack of attention to detail had created more problems. The new threshold was higher than the old one (again with not measuring things for size correctly), so the screws in the shower frame didn’t line up with the old holes. So the old holes had to be filled in and new ones drilled. The slope that the installer left instead of leveling everything? Now the bottom track of the shower won’t sit flush. Our neighbor who was rehanging the shower doors is a plumber, so he tacked it place with silicone, but this shows the lack of care for a job being done properly on McComb Wholesale Carpet’s part.

This bunch isn’t very competent or concerned about doing it right.  We learned from our neighbor (our builder’s grandfather) that our builder has decided that all their screw ups aren’t doing him any favors and he won’t be using them any more.


Quit acting like a damn fool.

Pet Peeve #4: People who act like idiots, then get offended when you get annoyed with them.

As most of y’all know, we recently moved into our new house.  The pile of boxes in the garage is slowly becoming smaller, but I still have plenty to unpack.  So when I’m working in the garage, I usually raise the garage door.  This makes removing the empty boxes easier, because I break them down and pile them on the side of the driveway.

So I’m working in the garage, opening boxes and ferrying stuff into the house.  I was in the house and I heard a car horn blow a couple of times.  I thought it might have been one of the guys who work for our builder pulling up at our builder’s shop (which is beside his house).  At any rate, I didn’t see anybody, so I went back to what I was doing, which was putting stuff up in the kitchen.

A few seconds pass and the horn blows again.  This time it registered that the sound was pretty loud – like the car was in my driveway.  So I stepped out into the garage and saw a man sitting in his car.  When he spotted me, he started trying to get out of the car (which was a bit difficult, since he was very heavy set).

I asked, “Can I help you?”  He tells me his name (which I didn’t catch) and asks if I’m interested in having my yard sodded.  I didn’t understand what he said at first and replied, “Excuse me?”  He repeated what he had said about the sod and I replied, “We’ve already had the yard seeded.”  I guess I was giving him an aggravated look, because he started getting back in his car.  But what really ticked me off was his next comment, said in a sarcastic tone: “Well, I guess I’ll leave you alone then.”

The whole thing irritated me because 1) you pulling up in my driveway and blowing your horn like a fool is NOT the way to go about getting my business, and 2) then being lippy when I tell you I’m not interested is definitely not going to get you any future business.  When did people stop having the common courtesy to come ring a person’s doorbell?  If he wanted to project a business-like image, that’s what he should have done.

Am I wrong in feeling like common courtesy is falling by the wayside?

Sometimes I think IQ tests should be mandatory for a driver’s license.

Pet Peeve #2: People who don’t know how to drive.

I wonder sometimes about people’s common sense.  It seems that lately, common sense is lacking in our society.  Take what happened to me earlier as an example.

I was leaving the dry cleaners after having dropped off the husband’s clothes.  The dry cleaner is in a small shopping center.  The street in front of this shopping center is one of the main streets in town.  It is a four lane road with a turning lane dividing the east and westbound lanes.  I was making a left turn to head west to the house.  The traffic in the eastbound lanes was clear, so I pulled out and got in the turning lane, intending to ease into traffic in the westbound lanes.

Some idiot wanting to turn swooped in front of me into the turn lane.  If I hadn’t been paying attention, they would have gotten rear-ended.

This brings me to the point of this story, which is if someone is in the turning lane signalling they’re coming out and you’re needing to get in the turning lane so you can turn, get behind them.  Don’t swoop in front of them and potentially cause an accident.  Just pull in behind them, and once they’ve pulled into traffic, then you can pull forward and make your turn.

Basically, don’t be an idiot like the person who did this to me.

Public service announcement

In the last month or so, we’ve been receiving calls from 954-278-8360.  The caller ID shows “Not In Use” and if you answer, you get a person claiming to be with Safeguard, wanting you to take a survey.  The first two times they called, a couple of days apart, I told them I wasn’t interested and to please stop calling.

So what do they do?  They wait a couple of weeks, then call me again.  The first two calls were during the day, but the third call was in the evening a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as I saw the number, I got irritated because I had already told them to stop calling.  So I answer and when the woman started her spiel, I attempted to interrupt her.  I said “Ma’am” a couple of times, but she just kept talking over me.  Finally, I yelled “Ma’am!”, which shut her up long enough for me to snap, “I’ve already had calls from you all twice before.  I’ve told you twice now to stop calling me.  Do NOT call me again.”  She started to say something and I hung up on her.

Fast forward to today.  I got a call from this same company YET AGAIN.  This time, I told the guy that if they called me again, I would report them.  He hung up on me.

From what I understand (after researching this number online), this “survey” asks questions about your home’s security.  I’m not comfortable giving that kind of information to someone I don’t know, where I didn’t initiate the call to begin with.  So I logged on to my cable company’s website to see if I could block the number.  Sure enough, I can selectively block certain numbers.  I have now blocked this number.  According to the cable company’s website, every time they call, they will get a busy signal.  Good riddance, I say.

Can someone please explain this?

What do people get out of being assholes online?

In recent months, I’ve had some girl be a total bitch to me on Twitter for no reason other than I didn’t acknowledge her @ replies to me.  Well, excuse me!  If I don’t follow you, your reply doesn’t appear in my feed.  I have to actually look at my @ replies to see your comments, and I don’t check my replies very often.  So I’m sorry that it took a week for me to acknowledge your comments, which by the way, got increasingly hostile when I didn’t immediately reply to you.

A lot of my activity on Twitter is stuff that I have set to auto-post, like my WordPress and Tumblr accounts.  Or it was shared with another site’s Tweet This button, so I never was actually “on” Twitter.  This was one of her accusations, that I was “on” Twitter, therefore I should have seen and replied to her comments.  I rolled my eyes at that one.  Are people really that ignorant about how Twitter works?  Not everyone has their account set up to receive notifications every time someone @ replies to them.

I ended up having to block her because she just kept on and on and on and it was getting progressively uglier with each new reply.

Then today, I got an email notification about a comment I made over a year ago on a YouTube video that someone had replied to.  The guy didn’t even really address the comment I had posted, just called me nasty names.  So I reported his ass to YouTube for abuse/harassment.  Seriously, there’s no need to attack me just because my opinion of something differs from yours.  I do hope that his account gets suspended.  The jerk deserves it.

So this has me wondering, what do people get out of being a hostile troll online?  Do they enjoy upsetting other people that much?  What kind of warped human being are you that you get something out of that negative attention?  I don’t get it, I really don’t.